Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

thankyou for today blazing flames :)

today, blazing flames assemble again in nizzah's home
you can make me laugh never stop
but in this opportunity, we are not assemble complete
but, no problem for me
i am happy with you all :)
nizzah, elma, karin, utito, indri, iva, yasri, fariz
and i miss ika and dika to assemble with us today

karin, ina, gua, elma, iva, utito, yasri

elma, karin, adenya ina, iva, ina

utito, elma, iva, indri, yasri, gua, ina

karin, utito, iva, indri, gua, yasri

yasri, utito, gua, elma

iva, karin, indri, fariz, adenya ina

utito, yasri, gua, ina

elma, iva, indri, fariz, gua, yasri, utito, ina, karin

i hope blazingflames never be separate and our friendship will immortal
see you later :)


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