Kamis, 21 April 2011

crazy little thing

"cinta itu kaya pasir, semakin digenggam semakin hilang. jadi, biarin aja pasir itu tetap ada di tangan kita."
- linea alfa arina -

"pacar pertama bukan berarti cinta pertama."
- raya novarian -

It’s because of you that come to me
To stay in my heart every night and day
The world has pathway, This world has stairs
Has love and heart
That lead us to meet each other, Has two of us

The only star
That I always wait to see everyday
I want it to be the same star
That you also keep an eye on
That only star

I don’t understand, Why it must be you
To be the one in my heart
I have met many people, But it must be you eventually
Who are in my heart
Love is not a coincidence, Love can connect you with me
There’s only the heart that knows, Who is the one in my dream
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting, Because the heart is begging
Cause the heart calling for, Born to be your forever
It’s because my heart never confused
It’s certain that you are the only one
There are not many reasons
It just because my heart chooses you

Don’t know how long is it
That I have to resist everything
Hide all of the truth in my heart
Every time we meet, Every time you turn to me
That I pretend to be still
Do you know how much I have to force my self
Can you hear that ?
My heart is telling you I love you
But I cannot reveal my true feeling to anyone
Can you hear that ?
My heart is waiting there for you to open
Can only hope you will know it
Some day
Though I love you, Though I feel it
- crazy little thing called love -

I never thought this story would be like this
this is crazy story
I do not know
actually you are evil or good
I do not know must to be happy or angry

I want you to know,
you do not need to force your feelings
it is enough for me
in the end, I do not need a status
I just wanted clarity and commitment
and I'll wait for it 
but if I never be together with you, no problem
It mean I and you have different way
so, let see .

Thankyou very much for all :')

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Rayaspoloi mengatakan...

Kiw, nov follow sm link blog gw dong ntar i'll do it back.haha

novi andareswari :) mengatakan...

hahaha udah ray .

Anonim mengatakan...

judul lagunya apa ya ?

novi andareswari :) mengatakan...

@anonim : someday hehe

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