Senin, 22 November 2010

a painful day

November, 22 2010

november have a lot of stories for me.
the proof so many my posts in november .
including today, much of an impression on this day for me.
I do not understand, may God open the eyes of my heart, so I'm very sensitive today.

first, suddenly I do not have the spirit to undergo this monday

second, about ***.
you are one of my best friend
but you make me jealous
your life is perfect
you are beautiful, smart, sociable, have a high position, have good mark in every subject, loved by everyone, you have it all.
but I do not have the right to hate you, you are my friends, you always understand me

third, about ***
You are a bad friend since I first knew you.
you always hate me, I know that.
and you always insult people who you hate.
but, if you need me, you'll turn into a good person.
today, you are insult me! I do not like it
see, God is fair, one day you will feel how it feels to be insulted!

fourth, about ***
you! I know and understand you after a few months ago
I guess you do not like your friends, I think you're different
but no, you are same with them
I love you, friend
you are one of my best friends
but not for today and some day ago
You said I enlarged - exaggerated problems
but in fact you were so, even you are first
you should understand, I do not mean to alienate you or make you uncomfortable in 'that place', but I am a typical person who takes the place of stories and solutions when I'm sad
but you do not understand it, you actually negative thinking, and think I do not know the reciprocation

fifth, **
you're always thinking ahead.
different from me, I'm a simple person
when I feel sad, I would say I'm sad
and when I'm happy, I would say I'm happy
so also when I feel love to you, I would say that
but, you do not like it was
I was wrong, I do not think many people feeling
and I comply your request to delete one of my post, because you're my best friend.

It is the things that makes me cry today
but God is fair, God gives happiness for me, too

first, about **
You make me like you, but I do not know for sure about these feelings
which obviously you made me happy today
how the way you say good bye to me is very unique
It is very funny
was recorded in my mind
and make me smile itself
It can make me entertained

second, about the secretariat
secretariat is really my home
people in the secretariat that afternoon,
arin, tika, ghilan, icat, dide, fandi
managed to make me entertained
We sang some songs together
thankyou very much :)

third, about "Hannah Mountain"
It is a very exciting movie titles
I get this film from Arin
that movie made me laugh - out loud over and over
and this movie is so sweet
Essentially this movie could entertain me for everything sucks today

and now I want to forget my school life, while
somehow, I'm fed up with this Monday
I seemed eager to disappear from that people
but in fact some of the people it is the people I love
Oh, I don't understand
I don't understand for this monday

God, please help me :'(

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Atika Almira mengatakan...

fortunately, i understand all the thigns you've written here. i'm also that simple, just like you. i'm not really thinking ahead. someone made me realize. it's just that simple. and i just think so. that's why i told you like that. sorry if i hurt you, as usual :p

novi andareswari :) mengatakan...

and do you know the first thing that make me happy in this post ? hahahah

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