Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

deep in my heart

this afternoon, I found a little notebook when I'm first class on my desk
I opened it, page after page
until I found one page that contains a my wishes when I was first class
and suddenly, I felt sad when I saw my wish on number 11
because the desire was not possible again to happen
that desire can only be realized this year
a place that I want
now, the place was already filled with other people
until now I have not willingly that the place was filled with other people
even though that person was one of my best friends today
I feel I'm much better than her
but they are instead siding with my friend
that time I lied to myself,
I said that I did not want the place,
because I knew they'd choose you
I willing that place for you at that time
but deep in my heart, actually I'm not willing

friend, I'm sorry
now I can only hope you can keep 'that place' well, do not make people who already believe in you dissapointed
don't make me more regretted because I have been lying to myself at that time
and I will do my best with my place now .

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astriDust mengatakan...

sabar ya :)
udah lama kita ngga ketemu nov :D

novi andareswari :) mengatakan...

kangen utha deh :*
maen yuuuu liburan

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